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Rainy Days :: Sayre, PA Photographer

Fall is one of my favorite time of the year! This year we have been lucky enough that the leaves have lasted longer than recent years. The weather has been warmer than usual, which made for a great morning for puddle jumping!View full post »

The Studio | Sayre, PA Photographer

Tomorrow is the official grand opening of my studio! This week has been a whirlwind of preparing and running around to get things just the way I imagined. Today while finishing up the details my son said, “Momma i love it here!” and it made me sit down and take it all in. And then it hit me… I HAVE A STUDIO! I am so excited! I am so thankful to my husband for helping me to make this possible, being so supportive of my dream, and for his patience with my OCD tendencies. I amView full post »

Reflections | Sayre, PA Photographer

The theme for the blog circle this month is Reflections. I started this project to pick up my camera a bit more than I have for personal reasons lately, but now I am also using it as a way to get more photos of my own kids. People always say to me how great it is that I probably have so many photos of my kids, but the truth is I often skip photos of them. Just this week I was playing in the yard with the kids. They were enjoying blowing bubbles and the light was really beautiful, so I grabbedView full post »

Discovery | Sayre, PA Photographer

I recently joined a blog group of photographers. Every month the group will have a different theme to work with. We will each capture the theme and then on the same day we will share the image each and every month! This is a great way to stay creative and see the differences we all come up with! All of the photographers will not only share their images, but include a link to one of the other photographers in the group. I am so excited to see what this project brings! This months themeView full post »